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Tage is a licensed real estate broker in Oregon. Community plays a significant role in Tage's life and his goal is to support you by serving as your Realtor. He is also passionate about Portland’s many neighborhoods and believes it’s his mission to share with you the wealth of information he has about Portland's communities. 

Look at Tage as your beacon of information! 

I will help you find your next neighborhood in Portland, Oregon!


Relationships are formed by honesty and transparency

Tage is highly communicative. As a Buyer, when you hire Tage as your Realtor, not only will he be honest and transparent, he will advocate on your behalf to ensure that you will be a part of a welcoming community to begin the next chapter of your life. If you’re selling your home with Tage, you can expect his partnership on a proven, multi-step marketing plan targeting digital and real-life consumers. Tage also brings to the table over a decade of negotiating experience.


Tage also believes that everyone has the right to be in the neighborhood they want to live in and be a part of the community. It’s his mission to make sure that happens for you. His seamless onboarding process will narrow your search and support your goals as a new homeowner or seller. 

Let 's get on a path to help you find the space and community that you feel most welcome!


Promote Equity

Everyone has different circumstances. Tage will give you the resources and opportunities – whether buying or selling a property – to ensure equal representation to every other client.

Embrace Culture 

Tage believes that the culture of the community is only as strong as the people who are in it. When you are selling your home, Tage will highlight the home’s community as part of your marketing plan. If you are buying a new home, Tage will ensure you feel welcome in your new community through partnerships with local businesses and service providers.

Inclusion with Respect

Tage is adamant about inclusion and that we can learn from each other respectfully regardless of background. 


Hands down, the BEST real estate experience in Portland. From start to finish, Tage walked my husband and I through the process with patience, expertise, and lots of humor. He connected us with a great lending partner and, together, Tage and she worked with us to ensure that we were able to get the perfect home for our growing family...and he negotiated on our behalf for a great package that saved us a lot of money!

If you're looking to buy or sell a house in Portland, you are doing yourself a huge disservice if you don't at least talk to Tage before you consider anyone else. We are forever Team Tage!

Tage Packebush Portland, Oregon Real Estate Broker


Tage is a native PNWer who grew up in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the country. He graduated from the University of Iowa in 2007 and holds a Public Policy and Secondary Education degree.

After a brief stint in the Midwest coaching and educating children, Tage moved back to the PNW to start a new career in contract representation. Since 2012, he has negotiated contracts​ on six continents for billion-dollar apparel brands, outdoor retailers, professional sports leagues, and players’ associations.

In 2019, Tage moved to Portland, Oregon, to spend more time with his family & friends and began his career in real estate. He is also the unashamed owner of a pug named Gerry and a dedicated watcher of European soccer leagues.


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